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Our Come Up

purpose driven inspiration

I was follow and simetameously cleaning a trail of trash that littered along a beach in Maui, Hawai'i and something colorful had caught my eye. I didn't know it yet but I had found sea glass, a once broken shard of glass, now smooth from a natural polishing process. I never knew that trash could be so beautiful, and in this moment a new philosophy of what is considered 'waste' changed in me forever.

Now we are a small batch jewelry brand
crafted by the sea, made for the conscious and free

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values of creation

14k gold-filled quality
Through trials and errors we've come to realize quality is a pillar of slow fashion and sustainability. In our growth we have began to provide high quality 14k gold filled materials of timless design to outlast trend, and tarnish.

modern talismens
Protection and care are inherent values of ours. We do not believe in coincidences, and carry a belief that all things and symbols carry energy of the past. Tap into this magic and feel the intention behind each creation.

Zoom Cowrie Golden Studs

Cowrie Golden Studs

$25.00 USD

In ancient cultures, these shells were often used for currency, healing medicine rituals, or by shamans to read future prophecies. These beautiful treasures of the sea are said to be natural tokens of protection that ward off evil eyes and have been said to symbolize fertility and well-being.  Embrace the ancient symbolism, usage, and ritual of cowrie shells with minimal and boho-style wrap.


  • 14k gold filled
  • high-quality non-hypoallergenic metal for sensitive skin

While our products are made with 14k gold filled metals, we still advise the following jewelry care:

Avoid contact with water and moisture. Harsh chemicals and minerals in salt water, sweat, and hard water can react and tarnish the metals after prolonged exposure.

Avoid direct contact with perfume, detergents body lotion, or other chemicals such as insect repellant, or chlorine from pools.

If you do happen to be harsh on jewelry and forget these tips:

Do your best to rinse after every pool and ocean swim with warm fresh water and polish off your jewelry using a soft polishing cloth.

Our Ritual

a beach clean every order

Our team continues to incorpate ocean care with our growth and have pledged that with every order, we clean a beach. We believe all things carry energy and in our efforts root our practice & pieces with karma in mind.

Follow our mission

small batch & slow fashion

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