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Artisanal Women

Meet the womxn that have made Mermaid's Wear a reality. 

So first thing's first let me introduce Mermaid's Wear. We are a small business that thrives off of collaborative creation and inspiration.  I've learnt that in one way or another, everyone we meet imprints on us in unique way.  I've been so lucky to have connected and learned with these lovely creators and have been inspired by their craft and commitment to art. 

Emily Marzilli
Founder and Owner of Mermaid's Wear

"It was during my dive training when I was first introduced to sea-glass - my dive buddy had surfaced with a handful of these gorgeous and uniquely shaped glass fragments. This idea of transformation from sharp and useless to beautiful and soft... discarded human waste changed my belief in what constitutes trash. It was then that I realized our perceptions are value are learnt. I shaped Mermaid's Wear to change the paradigms surrounding the value of "gems" and the uselessness of "waste". Instead, I aim to offer upcycled sea-glass alternatives that challenge these thought entities to cultivate hand-crafted eco-jewelry that uses cyclical sea-glass found during beach cleans."


Taisa Graca
Mermaid's Wear Jewelry Artist

"Being in the water and wearing glass carved by the forces of the ocean truly made me feel more connected to nature and the powerful elements around me - as if I was being transported outside of my egocentric urban lifestyle and into my beginnings as a mere tiny member in the greater scheme of the universe. I feel a sense of importance and privilege when finding the perfect pieces of sea glass; like the ocean was gifting me and that I was exactly where I was meant to be. By handcrafting jewelry, I know that I am continuing the cycles of the earth, free from machines and resorting only to natural abilities. When I make and wear Mermaid's Wear, I see myself as a character in a fantasy movie that finds a beautiful ethereal piece of jewelry at the bottom of the ocean with mystical energies, that gives me power and a mission. Overall, I am not only inspired by the sea but the idea that I can make others feel what I feel - like a real mermaid."


Daniela Baez 
Owner and Artist of Maria D'el Refugio  - Coming Soon!

Born in Mexico, and taught the art of crocheting through the connection and guidance of her grandmother, Daniella skilfully handcrafts apparel and swimwear one stitch at a time. Inspired to by her grandmother and the roots of her creative passion, Daniella named her brand in honour of her loved Abuela, Maria Refugio.  As a creator she has since fully incorporated the art of slow-fashion and craft with love into her swimwear. 

Want to reach out to one of these artists to send love or request a custom piece? 

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With love,

Mermaid's Wear Team x

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