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Founder & Owner of Mermaid's Wear

My Roots

Hi! I'm Emily and I am the mermaid behind the waves. My journey began as I started to connect more deeply to the ocean environment, I took notice of how littered and in distress the ocean really was. What I saw changed me, and everywhere I went all I could see was the remnants of wasteful, throw-away culture... sobering the utopian "Disney's Little Mermaid underwater adventure" trance I was in. I woke up and realized... No. Our natural world is not fine.

My mission began small. I just started picking up trash on the beaches whenever I saw them and every so often I'd come across sea-glass - tumbled glass shards that were once trash and now smoothened by the sand and sea. This moment sparked an idea in my mind: creating beauty from 'trash' into treasure.

Core Values

Energy flow & sustainability

Mermaid's Wear challenges these paradigms of waste and presents beautiful jewelry using upcycled sea-glass alternatives. I now study Environmental Studies and Conservation and the University of Toronto to further educate myself on my passions to incorporate and enrich the ideas of cyclicity, environmental perspectives, mindfulness, and conservation into my little eco-business. My goal is to internalize the externality of environmental harm in the fashion industry and take accountability and grow with sustainability in mind.

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Behind the name "Mermaid's Wear"

The idea of mermaid has always been the mystical creatures I've wished to become. Their duality in mystery and enchantment, goddess and siren have always lured me. I choose 'Mermaid's Wear' in the hopes that these tokens of the sea would bring me closer to becoming a Mermaid myself and to all who wear them. Since my journey started so connected to the sea, you can really feel the magic and tranquility in each piece.

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